How Does One Maintain Hardscaping?

How Does One Maintain Hardscaping?  

Hardscape Service Maintenance Tips

Integrating hardscapes into your garden can offer a stylish appeal to any outdoor space. The professional hardscape service offered by H & H Concrete can make your hardscape visions into a reality. However, the question then is, how does one maintain hardscapes once they have been completed? If you would like to know more, carry on reading our post.

Protecting Your Hardscape with Sealant

One beneficial thing you can do to preserve the life of your hardscape is to protect it. The act of applying a sealant to your hardscaping will help to protect it from erosion, moisture, scratching and other possible damage that is often connected to everyday wear and tear.

While a sealant does not prevent larger dents, scratches or cracks from occurring due to more aggressive use, it can greatly increase the life, beauty, and appeal of your hardscape. Sealant protection needs to be reapplied every couple of years, however, even though this is somewhat tedious, it is well worth the effort.

Frequent Hardscape Maintenance and Upkeep

While applying a sealant regularly is an important protective step, weekly maintenance that is continued throughout the year can go a long way to preserving your hardscape elements also. Make sure you keep the surface clear of debris like twigs, leaves, dirt, and moss. When left on your hardscape, they will start to decompose and erode the natural surfaces they sit on. Sweep the surface regularly and use a hose to clean the surface. Pull any weeds or grasses up immediately that start to grow between the gaps in your hardscape materials and elements.

Annual Maintenance

You should also consider hiring a professional landscaper that is experienced enough to address any of your hardscaping elements at least once a year. As they will have the right tools and cleaners that will help to keep your hardscaping elements looking like new.

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